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Guess Who’s Back In the T-Shirt Loving House?

You may be asking yourself, “Where have you been, you good looking collection of t-shirts I so heavily rely on to look awesome?”


It’s a good question. Usually we’d take this opportunity to be sarcastic and make up a bunch of over the top, clearly fake excuses. But we’d like to tell you a few reasons we’ve really been away.


  1. In an attempt to find even better, premium quality t-shirt materials, we visited the Amazon rainforest, met a troll and have been living deep under the earth for the last few months. Long story short, the troll is a terrible cook.
  2. A “quick” boating excursion left us stranded on a dessert island. Yes, you read that correctly. It wasn’t a desert island, it was a dessert island. Completely covered in crushed graham crackers for sand, cookies laying everywhere. There was even a pile of ice cream for no particular reason at the top of the island. Needless to say we loved being on that island. We only collectively gained 981 pounds over those few weeks.
  3. Couldn’t find our watch. Forgot about work.


The good news is that you know the reasons for our leave of absence. The better news is that we’re back, baby!


Refreshed, reenergized and newly down 981 pounds, we’ve got some very exciting things in-store for you at THRIFTY SHIRTS.


Guess what? We finally did find premium t-shirt materials! The troll had nothing to do with it. His burned acorn stew definitely had nothing to do with it. We’ve also been adding plenty of new vintage finds that you’ll love more than ice cubes on a sunny day.


Not only will we be adding premium material shirts to our site, we have new release shirts that are going to blow your minds. Yes, like for real. Mind explosions, everywhere.


With better material, a myriad of new designs and the desire to absolutely crush every last expectation you could have for an online t-shirt store, we think the rest of 2022 is going to be outstanding for all of our valued customers.


So, what next for you? We right now suggest checking out our hand picked selection of t-shirts. From Halloween to Vintage, insanely fun Originals and more, we’ve got you covered. Literally, we sell t-shirts. Coverage is what we do.


Check back weekly to see what’s new, and don’t be afraid to sign-up for our exclusive e-mail newsletter below. We promise to only send you good things that your inbox will love.


What, did you think we’d send you out to a desserted island or something?
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