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About Us

The T-Shirt revolution will not be televised - it will be shown on the internet in real time, and it’s going to start right here on THRIFTY SHIRTS.

We are t-shirt lovers that enjoy hunting for overlooked treasures in thrift stores across Canada and the United States. We scour every corner of North America in search of the shirts that make you nostalgic for the good old days. Retro vibes? Got ‘em. Back in the day style? Yup.

Our thrift store shirts are hand-picked for quality and uniqueness. So you get all the unique choices with none of the chaotic clothing racks and long lines. Let us dig through the crates, the closets and the “should be closed” stores to uncover the t-shirt gold for you.

Mind blowing originals? We’ve got those too. Our t-shirt line is constantly expanding, with everything you need to look amazing all day every day. We’re like your relaxed fashion consultants. THRIFTY SHIRTS doesn’t do anything but deliver you the goods.

With hundreds of t-shirts in-stock and more on the way, it’s never been easier to amp up your t-shirt collection game.

THRIFTY SHIRTS takes the guesswork out of finding authentic, retro t-shirts and unbeatable originals. You don’t have to go to a hundred different auction sites, stores, or hope your friend’s Uncle is cleaning out his bottom drawer. We’ve done it all for you, baby! Well, no, we didn’t clean out your friend’s Uncle’s drawers…yet.


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